Oxidizer Repairs And Services

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The initial capital cost of a catalytic or thermal oxidizer can be rapidly eclipsed by operating expenses if careful attention is not periodically given to the system. Establishing a service provider for your vapor combustion device can keep you in compliance, reduce energy input, avoid costly repairs and prevent production shut downs. Even a handful of small inefficiencies in system operation can lead to a significant increase in operating costs over the course of year.

We provide maintenance, repairs, spare parts and retrofits that help ensure oxidizer uptime. And not only on the systems we sold, but also on the ones we did not originally supply. Anguil has almost four decades of experience servicing thousands of thermal and catalytic oxidizers of all makes and models!  On an average year, we service oxidizers that were manufactured by eighteen different companies.  


  • Troubleshooting Visits
  • Remote System Evaluation Via Modem
  • Maintenance Plans and Service Contracts
  • Operator Training
  • System Airflow Balancing
  • Destruction Efficiency Check-ups
  • Operating Cost Reviews


  • Individual Parts Requests
  • Recommended Spare Parts Packages


  • System Relocation
  • Increase Capacity
  • Improve Capture
  • Increase Destruction Rate Efficiency
  • Burner Tuning and Upgrades
  • Reliability Adjustments
  • Engineering and Feasibility Studies


  • A two-day, thorough maintenance inspection performed by a certified Anguil Field Service Engineer covering the mechanical, electrical, process control loops, and efficiency of your oxidizer system.

Anguil Oxidizer Service and Repair 

The air pollution control industry has changed considerably over the years with numerous oxidizer suppliers coming and going. But throughout these evolving technologies and failed suppliers, Anguil Environmental has stayed the course, mastering new technologies and building a Service Department with the most complete selection of post-installation services. Oxidizers are what we do - no project is too big or too small.

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