Oxidizer Preventive Maintenance Evaluations

Preventive Maintenance And Oxidizer Evaluations

Did you know that some air permits require oxidizer operators to have scheduled maintenance programs for their systems in order to remain in compliance with regulations? 

Oxidizer Maintenance EvaluationsThe Anguil Preventive Maintenance Evaluation (PME) is a thorough audit of a system's operation, involving an extensive checklist reviewed over multiple days. Upon completion, customers receive a detailed report with recommendations for improving performance, reliability, and safety. All PMEs are performed by certified Anguil Field Service Engineers. In addition to being ISN audited, our service personnel are trained in confined space, hazard communication and lockout / tagout (LOTO) procedures.

The standard PME is broken down into the following categories and may vary based on equipment make and model:

Mechanical Inspection (Internal and External)

  • Reactor Chamber, Access Doors, Compressed Air Train, Dampers, Valves (Poppet & Rotary), Media and/or Catalyst, Insulation, Fan(s), Ductwork, Exhaust Stack, Fuel Train, Burner(s), Expansion Joint(s), Control Panels, Collection Plenum, Flame Arrestor, and Cold Face

Electrical Inspection and Component Testing

  • Thermocouples, Switches, Actuators, Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), Motors, Starters, Burner Control System, Temperature and Pressure Controllers, Data Recorder, Relays, Timers, Emergency Stops, Disconnects, Operator Interface Displays, and Communication Devices (Modem or Ethernet)

Process Control Analysis 

  • System Startup Cycle, Online Conditions, Safety Shutdowns, Alarms, Pressure Control Loop(s), Valve Cycling, Temperature Profile, Burner Tuning, Airflow Switches

Additional Services available upon request include:

  • Destruction Removal Efficiency (DRE) Checks-Onsite or Laboratory Analysis
  • Catalyst Activity Testing
  • System Inlet Balancing
  • Spare Parts Identification (Critical and Recommended) 

We not only service Anguil oxidizers but also systems manufactured by others. On  average, Anguil services oxidizers made by twenty-three different manufacturers every year.  Maintenance programs can be purchased individually or grouped into a custom designed service package. 

See Part 2 of our Oxidizer Service Series titled Crafting Your Oxidizer Maintenance Plan for some helpful hints and recommendations pertaining to system service.

Other aftermarket services supplied by Anguil include Retrofits and UpgradesGeneral Services and Spare Parts.