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Providing our clients with an integrated system that offers the most reliable treatment performance, the lowest total cost of ownership, and the most optimized and efficient operation does not happen by accident.  It requires an investment in people and processes.

For over the last four decades Anguil has been investing in our people and processes with the goal of exceeding client expectations by delivering fully-integrated treatment systems.  From the moment a client begins considering their treatment needs, Anguil is ready to assist.  We have over 30 engineers of every discipline – civil, electrical, mechanical and chemical, as well as software programmers – available and ready to leverage their expertise into your system design.

From bench-testing to pilot-testing at your location, Anguil can help cost-effectively validate your tailored treatment approach.

When you chose Anguil as your partner, you are assigned a Project Manager (PM).  Your PM is your primary point of contact for all technical aspects of your project.

Their first responsibility is to call together your Project Launch group.  This initial project launch typically consists of 15 people from over 9 operational functions within Anguil to build your project plan.

To improve the efficiency, quality and cost-effectiveness of the project development process, in 2013 Anguil began applying the Stage Gate™ approach to system builds. Stage Gate™ is a phase–gate project management technique in which projects are divided into stages separated by gatesThis approach allows Anguil to break-down all the aspects of the build into appropriate roles and responsibilities and define what needs to be completed, and to what degree, at each gate before the build can continue through to the next stage.

In addition to building out the Stage Gate process, Anguil also invested in Trello™, a collaboration tool that organizes the system build into boards, providing real-time, online visibility to what aspect is being worked on, who is working on what, and where something is within the process. 

In addition to mapping all assemblies and sub-systems within Trello™, Anguil has built in Quality Assurance at each and every step of the build starting with the project launch.  Integrating the project management and quality assurance process allows Anguil to know where all the pinch-points are in the system build.  The real-time visibility allows Anguil to remedy  situations before they can cause too much project pain. 

With the flexibility to add customer quality specifications and requirements into the process, Anguil can provide verification during the system build that customer requirements have been achieved. Further, this information will be compatible with the customer’s data logging system (need better term here)

By leveraging our real-time and integrated project management and quality programs, Anguil has been able to reduce Warranty Work by over 50%.  Reduced warranty work validates that our approach reduces system down-time in the field, reduces service and part costs, and alleviates many headaches.

After the system integration has been completed, final quality checks or factory acceptance testing (FAT) is performed. A team is provided to complete the installation of the system.  This can take anywhere from 3 to 12 days depending on the system and the amount of installation responsibility Anguil has been contracted to deliver.

Anguil’s highly trained Field Service Engineers will then begin the start-up and commissioning of the system.  Commissioning will include training, operation and maintenance manuals, and system turn-over.

At completion of the commissioning stage, Anguil turns your account over to our services team for continued support to maximize the performance and lifetime of your system.

Additional Services and Capabilities

Anguil works with Engineering Firms and Direct Customers to provide the water treatment solutions they need.  Our approach defines “partnership” as we offer a myriad of services and capabilities that our clients can leverage on an as-needed basis.  Anguil is there to help with preliminary technology treatment selection all the way through on-site pilot programs.

Engineering Studies

  • Preliminary Tech Selection of Treatment Technologies
  • Specification Writing Assistance and Review
  • Existing Site Evaluations and Recommendations
  • Budget Generation, Cost Comparisons

Treatability Studies

  • Traditional Approach for Process Verification
  • Water Analysis for preliminary recommendations
  • Bench Test (Onsite /Lab)
  • Onsite Scaled Pilot Test

Assistance With...

  • Equipment Selection
  • CAD or Solidworks
  • Specification Writing
  • Electrical Drawings
  • Equipment Expert for PHA meetings

Anguil Aqua is a full service engineering, integration, and installation company. We design, build, deliver and integrate the appropriate treatment system into your process as dictated by the project requirements. We can provide a fully engineered, customized, turn-key treatment solutions or just project management services for “Build to Spec” projects where single source responsibility of multiple equipment vendors and sub-assembly packaging is necessary.

Our capable and qualified field service engineers can aid installation and shake-down of larger treatment systems by verifying the correct installation of all components, instrumentation and wiring as well as troubleshooting and customizing PLC programming.

What differentiates us from most water treatment companies is our comprehensive support for your project. From identifying and piloting process options through to system design, engineering, manufacturing and integration. Our field service and operations teams follow-up with complete support including installation, commissioning, service and parts.  

Design & Build/Engineering Capabilities:

Anguil has over 30 skilled engineers on staff with experience across all disciplines. 

  • An engineering group made up of mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, electrical engineers, and mechanical designers
  • CAD (AutoCad & Solidworks), ability to export to any 3D system

Automation & Advanced Control

With Anguil’s automation and advanced control’s, complex procedures can now be fully automated.  With new technologies and increased automation, companies can achieve significant savings in manpower and efficiency. 

  • Fully Integrated Control Systems
  • Touch Screen Controls
  • Remote Telemetry, Ethernet & Wireless Access as Required
  • UL Listed
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Remote Management
  • Rockwell Preferred Block of Time (BOT) program (if appropriate)

Delivery and Installation

Anguil will deliver your system via our logistics provider or we can leverage your chosen carrier. We offer four installation options based on the capabilities you need:

Self-Installation / Client takes on all responsibilities

Supervisor Only / Client takes responsibility for execution under Anguil’s supervision

Free & Clear / Anguil is responsible for installation, but client responsible for power, air, gas, duct, water

Turnkey / Anguil handles all aspects, including power, air, gas, duct, water tie-ins


Anguil Field Service Engineers are on-site for the system start-up and to ensure system is operating as specified. Upon commissioning completion, the Field Service Engineers will turn the project over ton Anguil’s service team for monitoring and support as needed.


The Anguil Service Team is focused on ensuring the reliable performance and minimizing downtime of your system.  One call to our Service Team and you are in the right hands to resolve any issues:

  • 8 Field Service Engineers
  • 2 internal Service
  • 24/7 Support Line
  • Regional Support Firms
  • Preventative Maintenance Evaluation (PME)
  • Remote Monitoring