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Anguil Aqua Systems has brought its experience and expertise with water treatment solutions to several industries. These include commercial operations, light to heavy manufacturing facilities, chemical and petrochemical processing plants, oil and gas sites, food and beverage processing, and ground water remediation projects. This experience gives us the confidence to apply our knowledge to industries and applications where we do not currently have existing installations.


As of November, 2016 there were over 1,300 Superfund sites listed on the National Priorities List. Cleaning up these sites is a long-term, complex, multi-stage process requiring a superior technical team. In addition to the larger Superfund sites, there are many smaller sites which come with their own challenges. Further, the list of contaminated sites continues to grow as new sites are identified and added to the NPL, and as we recognize the dangers of some Emerging Compounds, such as 1,4 dioxane and PFOs/PFAs.

One of the principal challenges of large Superfund sites is the simple fact that these sites often have contaminated zones stretching over miles. In these cases, the extraction area(s), treatment system(s) and discharge point(s) can span the site extent, presenting challenges to system control, integration and automation – not to mention operation and maintenance. Secondly, the contaminated zones typically underlie active manufacturing zones or municipalities, hence the remediation systems and activities must minimally impact the people and businesses in the over-laying areas. Lastly, the contaminants of concern are often co-mingled and complex, requiring a number of abatement technologies to properly remediate. This is why it is imperative to select a company who understands these challenges, can handle the necessary engineering and can competently deliver cost effective systems to reduce the total cost of ownership for sites which will take years for closure. 

Having over 30 years’ experience and over 510 installations in the soil and groundwater remediation industry, Anguil is equipped to address both air and water pollution control requirements at these contaminated sites. Anguil has made the investment in the people, processes and resources to be the premier single-source provider of turn-key remediation systems including: 

  • Soil Vapor Extraction Systems (SVE)
  • Air Sparing Extraction Systems (ASE)
  • Pump and Treat Systems (PT)
  • Dual Phase Extraction Systems (DPE)
  • Multi-Phase Extraction Systems (MPE)

Particularly for the PT, DPE and MPE systems, all the necessary treatment technologies will be integrated with a single control system as appropriate. Our experienced engineering team can package the system however you desire. We can provide turn-key systems assembled on/in:

  • Equipment Skids
  • Mobile Trailers
  • Shipping Containers
  • Custom Treatment Buildings

Further, for larger treatment plants we have provided pre-packaged sub-systems for field installation and acted as the single procurement source managing multiple vendors, warranties and delivery logistics.

When it comes to off gas treatment from the extraction systems, Anguil has extensive experience supplying air pollution control systems for remediation. From small BTEX applications to large, complex chlorinated projects, Anguil thermal and catalytic oxidizers and scrubbers are well known in the industry for their reliability, effectiveness and energy efficiency. Anguil’s RTO technology, with its ability to handle 25% LEL VOC concentrations through the addition of a hot-side bypass, superior control logic and a native 4:1 turndown ratio is an attractive option to handle the high initial VOC/HAP concentrations as well as the decaying well concentrations over the well field’s lifetime (check with G on this statement).

In addition to the services provided for delivery, installation and commissioning are normally provided with new equipment and we offer a range of optional services since Anguil is invested in the entire life-cycle of your project. We often work with EPC firms and consultants on remediation projects, and understand that sometimes their internal resources can get redirected within the company, we offer these optional services to assist our partners as required: 

  • Bench and Pilot Treatability Studies
  • Engineering Studies
  • Equipment Specification Development
  • Treatment System Design Assistance
  • Preventive Maintenance Evaluations
  • Single Source Procurement Management 

Industrial Waste Water

Treatment of industrial process and waste waters present several specific challenges compared to treatment of remediation sites. Since we are talking about business, system down-time and treatment deficiency are of critical importance since they directly impact your bottom line. Loss of production time, product loss, disposal surcharges, and excessive maintenance costs all affect your Profit/Loss statement. Having world-wide experience in many industrial settings, Anguil is keenly aware up-time is of critical importance. With engineers from every discipline, and expertise with a variety of treatment technologies, Anguil can deliver an integrated system that provides the appropriate treatment capabilities in conjunction with the lowest CAPEX and OPEX.

When determining the total solution for your water treatment needs, there are two distinct project phases to consider: project development and project execution.

The initial project development phase includes identification of the treatment criteria, selection of the overall treatment process and equipment and performing some validation that the process will meet the treatment specifications. Anguil is ready to assist with project development with the following services:

  • Bench and Pilot Treatability Studies
  • Engineering Studies
  • Equipment Specification Development
  • Treatment System Design Assistance
  • Preventive Maintenance Evaluations
  • Single Source Procurement Management

There is no “magic bullet” or single-product that can deal with all the specific needs associated with industrial waste waters. From challenging contaminants, varying local regulations and a variety of different treatment products, technologies, and approaches – you need a partner that can help navigate you through the process of selecting the right treatment system to meet all your needs. Our company's ability to provide multiple abatement technologies places us in a position to select the correct technology to fit each project. Potential customers can expect an unbiased equipment selection based on the removal requirements, efficiency needs and process parameters.  The selected solution will include a turn-key system that seamlessly integrates into the specific process, providing customers with single source responsibility.

The second stage is project execution which includes detailed system engineering design, system integration, fabrication, and delivery of the treatment equipment. It is imperative at this stage that you select a company with a proven track record of success. Having designed and delivered over 1850 turn-key equipment systems to a broad range of industries, Anguil has made the investment in the people, processes and resources to be the premier single-source provider of turn-key systems.

Our single-source approach means we have the mission critical processes and people in-house to ensure your complete system build, integration and commissioning are of the highest-quality and handled in the most cost-effective and efficient manner.

Anguil is ready to implement and produce your design or can help fully engineer the system solution as required.  We are here with an “as much, or as little” partnership approach. 

Water Recovery

Water reuse systems help our clients take control of their operational costs.  Anguil works with our clients to develop the appropriate process and system to treat their effluent for reuse.  These fully-integrated systems allow our clients to save money and demonstrate their commitment to protecting the environment.

Oil & Gas

When it comes to hydraulic fracturing, water is everything.  Solutions to reclaim flowback and produced water are commercially available and capable of generating significant savings.  Recycling of spent water from well sites dramatically reduces costs and the consumption of fresh water.

Water quality standards for reusing flowback and produced liquids have decreased, alleviating fears that recycled water will effect production.  Anguil Aqua Systems has developed an effective water recycling system that allows well operators to safely reuse water without jeopardizing well output.  

In addition to the savings directly derived from water reuse, operations also enjoy a social benefit by decreasing reliance on municipal and ground water resources.  The impact on neighboring communities is also seen in decreased trucking activity and the elimination of controversial salt water disposal wells. 

Anguil Aqua Systems is prepared to help improve the industry’s water conversation efforts and reduce its impact on the environment. Our cost-effective treatment systems can reduce Total Suspended Solids (TSS), oil, grease, bacteria and heavy metals to levels compatible with fracturing fluids.  

In addition to well production activities, Anguil Aqua has worked with produced water disposal facilities to help treat and remove dissolved organics and VOCs from produced water. We can provide treatment systems which help improve injection facilities operations and maintenance, reducing injection pressures and minimizing acid jobs by keeping your wells from fouling. Further, we can provide treatment options to enhance your oil recovery and treat for hydrogen sulfide control.

As a member of the Gas Processors Suppliers Association, Anguil is heavily invested in industry’s success and future. Countless air pollution control installations at natural gas processing and petroleum refining sites gives us the necessary knowledge to address your water treatment needs safely, effectively and within your demanding production schedules.