A Media Replacement Emergency
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A Media Replacement Emergency

Anguil Environmental Systems recently completed an emergency media replacement on two Cleanswitch regenerative thermal oxidizers (RTOs) for a world-wide automobile supplier. 

Both systems were 65,000 SCFM units and built by another supplier approximately 10 years ago for two different automotive facilities in the United States. 

One of the RTOs was extremely difficult to access being located on a three-story roof and a considerable distance away from the building’s exterior wall. Replacement of the media required removal of the upper half of the RTO and use of a high lift crane to accommodate the heights and distances involved.

At the other facility where production uptime was critical, Anguil’s crew worked double shifts to complete the work over a weekend so that the production wasn’t affected. 

Anguil was chosen to replace the RTO media for this world-wide automobile supplier over the original supplier based on its competitive pricing and timely responsiveness.

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