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The remediation division of Anguil Environmental Systems (formerly known as Global Technologies) focuses on treating emissions and water contaminants extracted from below the earths' surface. Formed shortly after the 1990 Clean Air Act targeted emissions associated with the extraction of polluted compounds from contaminated sites, Global remediation equipment has been successfully applied on contaminated sites in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Our proven remediation technologies are fully integrated and turn-key, designed to reduce risks, costs and hassles.

-Water & Air Pollution Solutions
-Pioneer in the Destruction of Chlorinated Compounds
-User-friendly, Low Maintenance Designs

Technologies and Integrated Systems

Thermal and catalytic oxidizers are one of the primary vapor treatment technologies used in purifying harmful compounds from contaminated groundwater or soil. These harmful compounds come from leaking underground storage tanks, oil spills, or former landfills where chemicals have been spilled, dumped or leaked into the soil and groundwater. The contaminants are often removed via Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE), Air Stripping, Dual Phase Extraction or Groundwater Pumps and sent to one of our abatement systems.  

Our expertise on remediation projects is in the destruction of complicated hydrocarbons such as chlorinated, brominated and fluorinated compounds. These contaminants require specialty materials of construction and unique design considerations to ensure the oxidizer can withstand the corrosive emission streams. The following solutions include a mixture of thermal and catalytic technologies that take into account the initial and long-term loadings found at remediation sites.       

In addition, Anguil is the premier single-source provider of turn-key remediation systems including: 

  • Soil Vapor Extraction Systems (SVE)
  • Air Sparing Extraction Systems (ASE)
  • Pump and Treat Systems (PT)
  • Dual Phase Extraction Systems (DPE)
  • Multi-Phase Extraction Systems (MPE)
  • Vapor Intrusion

Anguil's reputation as a worldwide leader in this industry speaks to the depth of pollution control experience throughout the entire organization. From large projects to small, companies and consultants value the flexibility and reliability of our abatement systems.

  • Solutions in Action

Each remediation application has its own unique challenges. Our systems are designed to withstand the conditions at the most difficult Brownfield or Superfund sites. Our commitment to quality design, fabrication and installation assures trouble-free, cost-effective operation. Here are a few of the many Anguil innovations:

  • Durability: We've delivered over 250 treatment systems for halogenated waste streams - some systems in service for over 20 years and counting!
  • Flexibility: Our technology agnostic approach ensures creative solutions and best overall total cost of ownership. Flexible fuel system options, including Electric, LPG, Natural Gas or Diesel Fuel Input.
  • Mobility:  Have it your way - fixed skid or trailer mounted, with or without extraction blower, available for purchase or rental
  • Safety: Our equipment meets all safety requirements for Bulk Terminals and hazardous environments (including C1D2 rated areas).
  • Complete Control:  Integrated PLC-based controls with remote telemetry and first-out detection for maximum operational safety
  • Turn-key:  Individual system components or complete remediation systems with extraction blowers for varying vacuum levels and knockout pots for moisture removal
  • Capacity:  New or Used, Thermal and/or Catalytic Oxidizers ranging from 100 SCFM (157 Nm3/Hr) to 100,000 SCFM (157,710 Nm3/Hr) capacity.

Global Oxidizers Rental Fleet

Looking to Rent?

Our remediation rental fleet consists of new and used oxidizers that are immediately available for purchase or rental, please see our Used Equipment page for more information.

Submit your remediation application data for equipment recommendations, pricing and availability.  


How We Can Help

Anguil provides an "as much or as little" partnership approach.

From bid process assistance and technology selection capabilities to system design and build to lifetime service, Anguil is ready to implement and produce your design or can help fully engineer the system solution as required. Find out more about our suite of Anguil Aqua project capabilities here.