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System Programmable Logic Controls (PLC)

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At the heart of every Anguil pollution control device, is the oxidizer Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).  All of our control panels are shop tested and can be built to meet unique specifications such as UL508A.

Typical control packages Include:

  • Color touch screen (6" to 15" available)
  • PLC with system control logic; Rockwell / Allen Bradley and Siemens are standard offerings but we have and can supply others
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
    • Accommodates variable flows to the system
    • Allows the oxidizer to heat up at reduced flow, saving energy
  • Remote access gateway for off-site monitoring and troubleshooting
    • Ethernet gateway enables communication to all devices via embedded VPN (Virtual Private Network)
    • If internet is not available, the operator can choose a SIM card and antenna setup for cellular modem access
  • Flame detection with self checking UV scanner
    • Self checking UV scanner allows for  continuance running (24/7) with no daily shutdowns
  • Digital Data Recorder
    • Saves encrypted data files to compact flash memory card
    • Can be set up for File Transfer Protocol (FTP) data to remote computer
    • Can export data to Comma Separated Values (CSV) file for further analysis

Types of control panel configurations:

  • NEMA3R skid mount, weatherized control panel
    • Saves install time
    • Air conditioning and heat are provided if necessary
  • NEMA 12 indoor mounted control panel
    • All controls are mounted in your factory for easy mount
  • Control room with NEMA 12 control panel
    • Installation costs are lower than standard NEMA 12
    • Lockable, comfort control room with heat and air conditioning

Depending on the requirements of your pollution control device, our standard program is capable of:

  • Auto balance
  • Supplemental Fuel Injection
  • Customized Hot Gas Bypass logic to not only recover heat but also use heat
  • Multiple inlets with pressure control
  • Automatic fresh air dilution
  • De-ration of heat recovery media or exchanger to handle moments of high loading

Looking to upgrade your oxidizer control system?  Contact Anguil to speak with a controls engineer.