Self Cleaning Ceramic Air Filters

Self Cleaning Ceramic Filter

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The Anguil Self-Cleaning Ceramic Filter (SCCF) collects, volatilizes and destroys particulate and condensable organics emitted from industrial process streams. It can be used independently as a filter media on hot and cold process streams or coupled with an oxidation module for total odor, Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) control.

How the Self-Cleaning Ceramic Filter Works

The SCCF is designed based on exhaust airflow volume, type of contaminant and desired collection efficiency. During operation, the process stream, containing hot or cold particulate laden air, condensable organics or VOCs, is drawn into the Ceramic Filter. The process stream passes over a ceramic matrix selected based on particle size and collection efficiency considerations. The Ceramic Matrix is periodically or continuously heated by a natural gas burner, where any organics collected on the Ceramic Matrix are volatilized. Any non-organics collected on the Ceramic Matrix are converted to inorganic ash and retained in the unit drop out chamber.

The volatilized organics may then be processed by an integral catalyst module, which can be supplied with the Ceramic Filter System or processed by an independent thermal or catalytic oxidizer. The oxidation of the volatilized organics results in the generation of CO2 and H2O vapor as the products of combustion.


  • Self-cleaning function eliminates the need for standard filter systems and the costs, downtime and liability associated with these disposable filtration methods
  • Can be located immediately following the process. Reduces fire hazard caused by build-up of flammable material on duct walls
  • Oxidizes organic compound, eliminating odors
  • Automatic safety shutdowns prevent equipment damage during upset conditions
  • Removes particulate prior to a secondary control device, permitting the use of various oxidizer technologies on processes with particulate laden air streams.

Available Options

  • The SCCF can be cleaned off-line or supplied with the "on-line cleaning option" providing process flexibility and applicability to many different applications
  • Integrated into process line
  • Exhaust stack extensions
  • Heat exchanger and energy recovery modules

Not sure the SCCF is right for your application? We have rental pilot systems available for on site testing.

Anguil's Cost Effective Design

The patented ceramic filter is designed as part of Anguil's broad line of technologically advanced, yet user-friendly, air pollution control products. Anguil's experience includes over 35 years of Regenerative, Recuperative, Catalytic and Direct-Fired oxidizer manufacturing, ranging in size from 100 to 500,000 SCFM (150-800,000 Nm3/hr). These vapor combustion technologies are used in conjunction with Emission Concentrator Systems, Scrubbers, Soil Remediation Equipment and Ceramic Filter Systems for industrial processes. Each product line represents value-engineered systems with emphasis on cost minimization. All systems are designed for seamless integration into the process, optimal performance and trouble-free operation.

The Anguil philosophy is to provide innovative pollution control technology including engineering, equipment manufacturing, installation, startup and post-sale service. Other benefits to working with Anguil:

  • 24 Hour customer service and support
  • Multiple technology offerings ensure unbiased recommendations
  • Complete aftermarket sales department
  • Over 30 years of air pollution control experience

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