Air pollution control resources for industrial coating emissions

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Paints and Coatings Resource Center - Designed with the assistance of the EPA, it offers one-stop compliance information, including a database of technical papers and a VOC calculator.

National Metal Finishing Resource Center -Designed with the EPA, it offers technical and compliance information for metal finishers.

National Paint and Coatings Association - A good site; has a lot of compliance information and is pretty well laid out.

International Paint and Printing Ink Council

This EPA Design for the Environment web page has a section on coatings.

Coating Alternative Guide (CAGE). EPA resource that provides information on coating alternatives and other regulatory information. 

Society of Protective Coatings - A nice site with compliance information, regulatory updates and a place to post environmental questions. 

Paint and Coatings Industry online - Operates bulletin board and list server for exchanging coatings information and offers an email newsletter. 

The online version of Products Finishing Magazine has a nice environmental section with relevant stories. 

Federation of Societies for Coating Technology - An organization for coating professionals. 

Surface Coatings Association of Australia - Regional resource for Australia's coating and paint manufacturers. 

British Coatings Federation (BCF) - Trade association for the coatings industry in the United Kingdom.

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