Application Experience & Industries Served

The applications for oxidizers, energy recovery and water treatment systems in manufacturing facilities are numerous.  Anguil is known around the world for providing solutions on processes where others have failed. Our engineering expertise, thorough design techniques and breadth of pollution control technologies make us the first choice for dependable solutions. Here is a sample of the many industries and applications where we have excelled:

  • Automotive

  • Chemical

  • Coating

  • Composites / Carbon Fiber

    Composites / Carbon Fiber
  • Electronics / Semiconductors

    Electronics / Semiconductors
  • Energy Recovery

    Energy Recovery
  • Ethanol / Biodiesel

    Ethanol / Biodiesel
  • Food / Bakery

    Food / Bakery
  • Metal Decorating

    Metal Decorating
  • Natural Gas Processing

    Natural Gas Processing
  • Paint / Paint Spray

    Paint / Paint Spray
  • Petroleum Refining

    Petroleum Refining
  • Pharmaceutical

  • Printing / Laminating / Converting

    Printing / Laminating / Converting
  • Remediation

  • Rubber Curing

    Rubber Curing
  • Ventilation Air Methane

    Ventilation Air Methane